Mentoring Match Student-Alumni Video

Mentoring Match Student-Alumni Video

Watch this video to hear from students and alumni who have been matched up together through the program. They talk about how they have used Mentoring Match and what they have enjoyed about it.


Success Stories

Landing a Job Through the Program

"My initial Mentoring Match intention was to learn more about and explore opportunities within the consulting field. As I learned more about health care and how technology and consulting fit into this space, I decided to pursue the Highmark Leadership Acceleration program thanks to my mentor's support and his passion for the company and industry.

My mentor, Bob, was instrumental in sparking this interest, answering all my questions, all while maintaining an openness to whatever direction I ultimately decided for my career. The program helped me discover a new career pathway and a passion that ended up being the best fit for the type of young professional I hope to become."

Landing a Job Through the Program

Receiving Personalized Professional Support

"My mentor has taught me a lot about the different roles of supply chain management, how they all are interconnected and add value to the company. He also looked over my resume and helped me prepare for interviews and showed me websites to aid my professional development.

I really enjoy knowing that I have a mentor who went through the same program I am in now and who can draw upon his past experiences to give me advice."

Will Fleischer

Building Meaningful Professional Connections

"I wanted to start building connections outside of Pittsburgh, and the mentoring program seemed like a good way to do that. My mentor provided me with advice on moving to New York City and advice on my courses and student organizations since she is a recent graduate.

We emailed for a while, scheduled a phone call, and then the coolest thing that happened was that while I was in New York City for a Pitt Business Networking Trip I got to meet my mentor and her friends at the school's alumni networking night. The experience really brought the program full circle."

Harly Stuyvesant (Finance and Supply Chain Management)

Giving Back to the School With My Expertise

"I became a mentor because I was looking for the opportunity to give back to the school and help students with my real-life business experience. Personal and career development, teaching, and mentoring is something that I am very passionate about, so I was excited to get involved!

The format of the program and interface of the website is very easy to use. The students I've mentored are very proactive in their career development approach. I've covered several topics with my mentees, including my feedback on job descriptions, a review of fundamental sales principles, and an in-person job shadowing session to share examples of projects I'm working on."

Allison Virus