Frequently Asked Questions - Students

Which students are eligible to participate in the mentoring program?

All College of Business Administration students are eligible to participate in the program. The program is limited to our students. No students from other schools or programs are eligible to participate.

How do I sign up for the Mentoring Match program?

Signing up is easy. Click the button in the top right corner to create your profile. There is also a video and PDF with step-by-step instructions found under the Student Mentee Resources tab of the Students section.

Why was this program created? What is the purpose?

The Pitt Business Mentoring Match program was created to give our students the opportunity to connect with alumni as mentors while students were still in school. Our alumni can be a great resource for our students because they have "been there, done that" in the job field. Many alumni want to give back and help the school, and this is a great way for them to do that.

How do I find my alumni mentor?

Students are responsible for initiating contact with alumni for mentoring matches. The Mentoring Match platform has an algorithm that recommends potential alumni matches based on the student profile. Students also have the ability to search for alumni by filtering by such search terms as industry, location, and functional area.

What is a mentoring relationship like?

Every mentoring match is different. Some students connect with alumni mainly by email, while others talk by phone or meet in person. Some students receive guidance to prep for interviews, or have their mentor review their resume, or discuss industry trends, or get perspective on which classes to take, or job shadow their mentor.

What is mentoring? What is it not?

Mentoring is a dynamic and collaborative relationship between two or more individuals that support one's career and professional development. Effective mentoring relationships are reciprocal and change over time. Mentoring does not mean the alumni will find a job for the student. But it does mean the mentor will offer support that can help the student with their professional development and expand their network.

How many mentors can I have at one time?

Students can have up to five alumni mentors at a time.

Who are the alumni mentors?

Several hundred Pitt Business alumni have signed up as alumni mentors since the inception of the program. Our alumni represent a wide range of business specializations and industries, and they are located in many different cities beyond Pittsburgh. The best way to find out who they are is to sign up and start searching for your alumni mentor match.

I've had a wonderful experience in the program and want to share a testimonial of my experiences. How do I do that?

Contact RJ Thompson, Associate Director of Student Engagement, at He will collect the information for your testimonial.