The Pitt Business Mentoring Match program is available exclusively for the use of students in the College of Business Administration. It is open to all academic years and all business majors. Mentoring Match gives our students unparalleled access to the professional wisdom of the school's global alumni network. Our alumni are here to answer questions and provide guidance on a range of topics related to your professional development, employment path, and broader industry trends. They are volunteering their time and truly want to help. It's up to you to reach out and make the connection.

Mentoring Match gives our students the chance to connect with alumni for one-on-one mentoring support. Having worked in the field, our alumni are the business experts in your future careers. Some students have received input on resumes, job descriptions for open positions, and which classes they should take. Other students have received career coaching and engaged in job shadowing. Interactions with alumni can occur via email, phone, or through in-person meetings. Having an alumni mentor is a powerful advantage for our students.

The alumni mentors in Mentoring Match represent diverse industry experiences. Our alumni mentors include recent graduates, mid-level professionals, and upper-level management, and they encompass each of the business disciplines offered at our school. Mentoring Match uses a proprietary algorithm to recommend the student's ideal alumni matches based on their profile. Students also have the ability to seek out alumni by filtering searches based on job title, industry, location, and more.

Hundreds of alumni have signed up for Mentoring Match and want to help our students. What are you waiting for?

If you are a student and have questions about the Pitt Business Mentoring program, please contact Jess Druga at the Pitt Business Career Development Office at