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Both Students and Alumni

Five Key Steps for Effective Mentoring Relationships

Associate Dean Audrey J. Murrell details the five key steps for effective mentoring relationships.

Mentoring Matters

Associate Dean Audrey J. Murrell defines mentoring and why it's crucial for career success.

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For Students

How to Register as a Student

Use this document as a step-by-step guide in registering for the Pitt Business Mentoring Platform as a student.

Student Mentee Handbook

Quick guide to the student experience as a mentee in the Pitt Business Mentor Match program.

Tips and Advice for Students

Associate Dean, Audrey J. Murrell provides tips and advice for students when entering a mentoring relationship.

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For Alumni

How to Register as an Alumni Mentor

Use this document as a step-by-step guide to register as an alumni mentor.

Mentor Handbook

Handbook to quickly understand the Alumni experience through Pitt Business Mentor Match.

Tips for Cultivating Effective Mentoring Relationships

Moving beyond the “mentor myth” means cultivating mentoring networks that support diverse functions and needs. These developmental networks are a group of people who take interest in and action to support and/or advance an individual’s career, personal and/or professional development. In building an effective mentoring relationship, your principal objectives as a mentor should be to follow these tips.

Mentoring as a Tool for Leading and Managing the Work of Innovation

Associate Dean of Pitt Business, Audrey Murrell, discusses how mentoring can positively affect organizations.